e-invoicing solutions

There are several options available for generating e-invoices. Before discussing them in detail, it's important to understand the e-invoicing process. To generate an e-invoice, you first need to upload the invoice details in the prescribed JSON format to the IRP. Next, download the authenticated output file (JSON) containing the IRN and QR code from the IRP. Finally, print the QR code and IRN on the invoices before issuing them to the buyer. With that in mind, let's examine the available e-invoicing solutions for businesses. To simplify matters, we can group them into two categories

Connected e-invoice software

When it comes to invoicing, efficiency is key. That's where a connected e-invoice software shines. These software solutions are fully integrated with the IRP portal. They seamlessly connect with the portal to automatically upload invoice details, download authenticated IRN and QR codes, and print them on the invoice in real-time. In essence, they handle all the necessary steps to generate e-invoices, from uploading to printing.

Other e-invoicing tools and utilities

You may be wondering about alternative e-invoicing tools available. Indeed, there are several ways to generate e-invoices using tools and offline utilities. These include offline utilities (Excel template), online portals, and apps for e-invoice generation. However, all these tools and utilities require manual entry of details such as party details, stock items and so on in the utility or portal. And then generate a JSON file and upload it to the IRP portal for authentication. Finally, manually add the authenticated IRN and QR code to the invoice. These methods involve the hassle of manual data transfer, which can be error-prone and time-consuming

TallyPrime – The best e-invoice software

TallyPrime is a business management software that integrates accounting, inventory, and compliance needs. With TallyPrime's connected services, you can automatically generate e-invoices and print IRN and QR codes on the invoices without manual intervention. Here is a quick list of e-invoicing features of TallyPrime.

While TallyPrime includes built-in e-invoicing capabilities, it also provides comprehensive management of invoicing, accounting, inventories, banking, taxation, payroll, and more in an integrated manner.