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A & D Technology has well experienced E-publishing experts offering high quality services in electronic publishing industry. A & D Technology is the only company providing E-Publishing in Aligarh. We have a combination of professionals and energetic work force for e-publishing services. We are specialists in the field of academic, scientific and medical books and journals. A & D Technology e-publishing service addresses the needs of the e-Publishing industry and help Publishers to get their products into the market place quickly, in print Media, electronic media or web media. Our primary markets are professional, trade, medical, legal, scientific/technical, scholarly, reference and college publishing.

Feasibile Projects

The pre-press and e-publishing service from A & D Technology process begins with the receiving manuscript and work specifications (Style Sheet) from the client. The second stage is that of job discussion .The feasibility of the project undertaken and the complexity associated with it is accessed and platform on which the jobs is to be delivered are discussed during this stage.

Understanding Subjects

The manuscript and specifications are sent to our copy editor for Copy Editing. The Copy Editor is accountable for understanding the subject of the manuscript thoroughly and ensures that the content of the manuscript is correct and copy editors check the script for the grammatical and syntactically accuracy and finally script is readied with the required figures and diagrams.

Our E-Publishing Service Offer:

Digital Typesetting

Multi-language typesetting

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